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JUNE 2018 • E&MJ 103 EQUIPMENT GALLERY cess ensures that the rod joint is secured and torqued correctly to the rotation unit before the rod loader is removed, there- fore reducing rod falls, Sandvik reported. The DA555 loads 3- and 6-m N-, H- and P-sized diamond core and 6-m 2.875-, 3.5-, 4-, 4.5-size reverse heavy circulation drill rods remotely, keeping the operator at a distance of 50 m. Sim- ple to operate and easy to learn, it's ideal- ly suited for both coring and RC applica- tions, Sandvik reported. The rod loader's remote-control func- tion combines a whole new level of safety, production and economy, the company re- ported. Based on the proven and reliable Sandvik DA554 rod loader, the DA555 reduces manual lifting of drill rods, Sand- vik reported. Standard equipment on the DE800 iSeries, the DA555 Rod Loader is also available as a retrofi t for older Sand- vik DE800 hydraulic models. Separately, Sandvik announced Rock- Pulse, a solution for real-time tool stress monitoring in top hammer drilling. The add-on system integrates directly with the rock drill and its control system, and can be used for drilling process optimiza- tion in varying rock conditions. The sys- tem consists of a Sandvik shank adapter and rugged contactless sensor inside the rock drill. Stress waves created by piston strikes are measured continuously and analyzed within the Sandvik SICA control system of drill rig. RockPulse helps to reduce the stress fatigue of drilling tools, Sandvik reported. It can improve overall drilling performance by as much as 5%, the company reported. The system is available for new Ranger DXi drill rigs and RD920 series rockdrills. Sandvik also introduced the TH545i underground mining truck, capable intelli- gent mine operations, the company report- ed. The design is roughly the same as the predecessor competition, the TH540, but the new truck features the Sandvik Intelli- gent Control System. The TH545i features 45 kW more engine power and can carry 5 metric tons (mt) more than its predecessor, although its outer dimensions are the same. TH545i comes automation-compati- ble, and can be equipped with the Au- toMine Trucking OnBoard Package. Also available is the integrated weighing sys- tem that offers improved effi ciency and full utilization of the truck's payload ca- pacity, the company reported. Epiroc Launches Automation Solutions, Minetruck, Hydraulic Breakers Epiroc released an automation package for its Scooptram underground loader. The Scooptram Automation Regular package allows the Scooptram to be controlled via an operator station from a remote location. The package should enable the loader to be more productive, the company report- ed. It can be operated during shift changes and where personnel are not allowed due to inadequate ventilation or safety risks. The operator can make swift transitions from manual to automatic as needed. The automation package includes cameras, sensors and safety modules that are mounted onto the Scooptram, as well as a safety system that is easily installed in the mine, Epiroc reported. It features a proximity detection capability that shuts down the loader when someone nears it. Separately, Epiroc released the Sol- id Body (SB) 302 and the SB 452, two tunnel-version series hydraulic breakers designed for ex- tended lifetime and reduced over- all operating costs in underground applications, the company reported. Piston lifetime is extended by a new piston in stain- less steel, while bushing seat wear is minimized by a press-fi t, one-piece bushing locked by an additional pin. The breakers fea- ture an exchange- able wear plate that protects the ham- mer body, heavy-du- ty retainer bars and a locking pin. They also feature a robust front shield and dust cover to min- imize the dust in- take when working on overhead areas, Epiroc reported. Two restrictors are available for either traditional scaling operations or more challenging rock-breaking jobs. The break- ers are suitable for excavators in the weight class from 4.5 metric tons (mt) to 13 mt and standard underground scalers. Service weights are 315 kg for the SB 302 and 450 kg for the SB 452. Epiroc also introduced the Intelligent Protection System (IPS) for the company's hydraulic-breaker technology, which com- bines predecessor automation technolo- gies. Epiroc's StartSelect system for hy- draulic breakers offers manual switching between two modes. AutoStart facilitates positioning at the start of the breaking cycle. AutoStop automatically stops the breaker to avoid blank fi ring at the end. These features are combined in the IPS. IPS starts the breaker in AutoStart mode. When the contact pressure be- tween chisel and material increases and AutoControl switches from a short piston stroke to a long piston stroke, IPS switch- es automatically to the AutoStop mode. When the chisel breaks through the mate- rial, the breaker automatically shuts off. Epiroc SB 302 Epiroc Scooptram Epiroc Minetruck Epiroc IPS HB 4100

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