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104 E&MJ • JUNE 2018 EQUIPMENT GALLERY The system improves breaker perfor- mance, increases uptime, lengthens the life of components, and reduces the phys- ical load on the operator, Epiroc reported. Epiroc HB 2000, HB 2500, HB 3100, HB 3600, HB 4100 and HB 4700 feature IPS. In 2018, all other heavy-hydraulic breakers in the Epiroc range will feature the system. Separately, Epiroc launched the Mine- truck MT2010 Battery, designed to trans- port loads of up to 20 mt through nar- row underground passages, the company reported. The electric mine truck has the features of its diesel counterpart, in- cluding a compact design, hard-wearing components, fast incline speeds and easy maneuverability, Epiroc reported. It has undergone more than 20,000 hours of rigorous fi eld tests and operating trials to ensure optimal performance and depend- ability, the company reported. Automated Data-driven Hoist Optimization Service ABB released Ability Performance Optimi- zation, which it described as a remote-en- abled, software-assisted service that mon- itors mine hoists 24/7. It automatically gathers and analyzes data to expedite the identifi cation of issues from the safety brake system, hoist supervision and nor- mal hoist operation, ABB reported. ABB software gathers data from nu- merous operational points, including the hoist's motor, hydraulics and brakes, and automatically analyzes this data to iden- tify, categorize and prioritize the root causes of potential problems. It identifi es small deviations that could potentially re- sult in an unwanted stop. The service proactively alerts appropri- ate customer and ABB personnel via SMS or email. It also connects customers to ABB for further evaluation and troubleshooting. This service also includes two annual performance overview reports. Liquid Laser Level Hawk Measurement Systems (HMS) in- troduced the OptioLaser S300, which can accurately and reliably measure highly refl ective liquids, clear liquids and even turbulence liquids, the company reported. Due to its narrow-beam divergence, it can be used to measure through grates and nar- row passages, and even next to fl at walls. The laser is user-confi gurable, HMS re- ported. Using an infrared, low-gain GaAs laser diode, light energy of 905 nanome- ters travels to the surface of any liquid and is refl ected back. This time-off light is then calculated into a distance. The low-gain diode allows for accurate mea- surement of even highly refl ective, clear liquids, regardless of the dielectric proper- ties. The narrow beam divergence of 3 mil- liradians allows for easy installation, even near walls or through narrow passages.

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