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MATERIAL HANDLING 46 E&MJ • JUNE 2018 AssetVista enabled the miner to close- ly monitor the functioning of 6,000 criti- cal assets on the site, including hundreds of dry transformers and large motors, more than 1,500 switchgears and almost 400 drives, and hundreds of process controllers and servers, ABB reported. "AssetVista helps them to understand the asset condition of their material handling system much better," said Edu- ardo Ingegneri, global product manager, AssetVista, ABB. AssetVista runs on ABB's 800XA dis- tributed control system (DCS), which collects, stores, and processes data on the machines and components across the project. Primarily AssetVista oper- ates as an interface that presents the data in graphics and tables and pro- vides alerts and reports that facilitate timely decisions and streamline preven- tative maintenance. For example, AssetVista enables a user to fi rst pan out to the family of ma- chines that comprise a leg of the con- veyor system, and then drill down on detailed real-time data captured from a single motor or drive, Ingegneri said. "You can see whatever you want: bearing temperature, motor temperature, all that stuff that is collected, that is watched in the background, that is processed by these algorithms, and is displayed as an alert," he said. The software enabled the miner to de- tect an above-normal pressure differential in the luffi ng cylinders of one of the com- pany's six 70-m-long stackers in the coor- AssetVista monitors the health of the stackers at the sprawling S11D project. Above, an aerial view of stackers in the S11D, Eliezer Batista Complex, stocking yard in June 2017. (Photo: Vale) Genco Mine Service: Leading the Way Underground Genco Mine Service has been serving the mining industry since 1978. Starting as a family owned company that served our local community, we have since grown to serve customers worldwide and still maintain our commitment to offer practicality with functionality. Genco Heavy Duty (HD) vehicles are a simple design and easy to maintain. With high quality components, Genco HD vehicles are reliable and are specifically built for the mining environment. Genco HD vehicles are standardized for our customers which allows them to limit stocking multiple parts for their UG fleet. Genco HD vehicles are different from an on highway production line vehicle that mines try to convert for UG use. Genco HD vehicles are fabricated from the ground up in our Utah facility using state-of-the-art equipment. Genco HD vehicles are exceeding customers expectations by minimal downtime and low maintenance cost. Genco offers a wide range of vehicles from personnel carriers to maintenance vehicles for all types of mining. We have MSHA engines and Tier 4 final engines available. Genco HD vehicles can be seen at Or call us for more information at 435-687-2464. COMPANY PROFILE-PAID ADVERTISEMENT

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