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VENTILATION JUNE 2018 • E&MJ 55 chanical, electrical and civil works for a given fan installation. For companies that want to proceed on their own — and for prospective fan buyers in general — Jason Lionberger, operations manager at Western Precision Manufacturing, a Colorado-based suppli- er of standard and custom-built mining fans under the SMJ brand, offered a few suggestions. "Spend a lot of time upfront thinking about what your current needs are and how they might change down the road. Often, we have buyers that want to save money up front, so they pass on options/ configurations that might be useful later. A good example would be silencers. We offer a few different silencer designs, standard and extreme duty. Customers typically de- cline the extra cost for the extreme duty variety based on cost, but later upgrade. Another example is a fan mounted on a crawler. Crawlers can be expensive but make advancing or moving the fan much easier. That time savings adds up over the life of a fan. And, have multiple suppliers provide a quote. It never hurts to see what other fan manufacturers can offer. "Regarding material, design and war- ranty, most fan manufacturers have stan- dards that they use based on the required performance, size, operating conditions, etc," Lionberger said. "Most manufac- turers build units that are very similar in design, performance, and warranty. Cus- tomer service, delivery, and price are often what really differentiates competitors." Some of the key considerations buyers should carefully evaluate before purchas- ing a fan are: • Pressure and quantity requirements throughout the mine life. • Nature of air to be handled – density, humidity, temperature, etc. • Unidirectional or bidirectional flow required. • Type and capacity of driving shaft or power available. • Cost requirements and budget. • Space requirements and availability. Lionberger's company also repairs and rebuilds mine fans, and he sees every day the common mistakes made by op- erators that can shorten fan service life. "Most fans fail first because of motor problems," he explained. "Lack of main- tenance (grease issues, over-current, im- peller imbalance) is often the case. It is important to make sure the motor is oper- ating within its designed parameters and that it is being maintained. "Don't delay maintenance or a rebuild until the fan fails. An example would be an impeller that is severely worn. This in turn lowers the fan performance and because of the imbalance of the impeller causes the motor bearings to fail. The issue could have been fixed with an impeller rebuild, but now the impeller and the motor must be repaired. Keep spare parts on hand. This minimizes downtime in the event of a failure and will save money by not having to order a rush rebuild or component. "A fan rebuild typically consists of tear- down, sandblast, weld/mechanical inspec- tion, impeller rebuild (new blades, trim OD, dynamic balance), silencer repacking, mo- tor rebuild, starter inspection, paint, assem- bly and testing. Rebuild costs really depend on the scope of work and the condition of the components. For example, it'll be a much lower cost if the fan motor does not require a rebuild. A fan rebuild will typically cost one-fourth the price of a new fan." Phone: (970) 259-0412 | Mining Equipment has been supplying the tunneling and mining industries with top quality underground equipment for more than 35 years. With our depth of experience and broad range of new and used equipment, our dedicated staff will work closely with you to determine and fulfill your equipment needs. Locomotives Rolling Stock Scooptrams Drill Jumbos Mine Hoists Stage Winches Ventilation Equipment GOING Mining Equipment has been supplying the tunneling and mining industries with top quality underground equipment for more than 35 years. With our depth of experience and broad range of new and used equipment, our Locomotives Rolling Stock Scooptrams GOING GOING ABOVE & BEYOND

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