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WOMEN IN MINING JUNE 2018 • E&MJ 83 married, the women could no longer work anywhere in town and they were not al- lowed underground," Palmer said. Growing up with three sisters, however, his parents made it clear that everyone was equal. It was instilled at a very young age. Today, Palmer has three daughters and a son. His eldest daughter is studying dual-engineer- ing-commerce degrees and he wants her to have the same opportunities he had. Earlier in his career (25 years ago), Palmer served as a manager at an alu- minum smelter for Comalco and he was fortunate to participate in a leadership team at a large industrial site that includ- ed equal numbers of men and women — groundbreaking at the time. They enjoyed the thought diversity and he said that had a significant impact on his leadership style. "Some of those women are now in senior leadership positions with other mining companies today," Palmer said. Then, Palmer talked about his coal ex- perience. "It was like stepping back 30 or 40 years," Palmer said. "It was male dominated. You walked into a pre-shift meeting — all men of the same demo- graphic sitting around the perimeter of the room with their arms folded and sun- glasses on. There was a complete lack of contribution, lack of thought and a lack of a willingness to change." That was an eye-opener for Palmer and, after trying to lead in that environ- ment for several years, he got the op- portunity to open a new coal mine with the possibilities of doing something dif- ferent. "We had to have the courage to bring women into the workplace and we set a challenging target of 25% women," With their sights set on leadership positions in the mining business, women were offered tips on how to improve their chances for success. Suspended Magnets • Metal Detectors • Heavy Duty Feeders Double-Team Dangerous Tramp Metals! Eriez' Suspended Magnets and Metal Detectors remove tramp metals before they reach your valuable crushers and downstream equipment. 814-835-6000 • Suspended Magnets • Metal Detectors • Heavy Duty Feeders Download Catalogs & Product Selection Guides

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