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WOMEN IN MINING 84 E&MJ • JUNE 2018 Palmer said. "To achieve that, the recruit- ment strategy had to be one-third expe- rienced miners, one-third workers with some industrial experience, and one-third people with no experience." Further defining what he meant by cour- age, Palmer explained that during startup, when goals were missed, they had to fight the urge to revert. "We had the courage to stick to our guns while under pressure to hit the targets," Palmer said. "Ultimately, we succeeded and the mine is now 15 years old. It has 25% women and having the ex- perience of walking into a pre-shift meeting with 25% women, the contribution, the questions and the diversity of thought. It was refreshing." Palmer is now trying to im- plement a similar plan in Ghana. Boyt quickly pointed out some of the similarities her questions engendered. "We have some reoccurring themes: family, ex- periencing a sponsorship, and seeing the improvements of inclusion first hand," Boyt said. "It's safe to say these managers do not represent the norm in the mining busi- ness or most industries for that matter." Boyt asked her next question: What can we do to get more men to understand the need to sponsor women? "When I think about leadership, we have three tools: the symbolic act, lead- ership behavior, and the talent manage- ment systems we have designed and use every day," Palmer said. As an example of the symbolic act, Palmer said men tend to interrupt women when they are speak- ing. As a leader, managers need to say, 'Excuse me, but I want to hear what Mary or Jane has to say about this.'" As far as leadership behavior, Palmer offered the act of giving someone the op- portunity to manage that project or sup- porting people who take a chance with talent on stretch assignments. "When I meet with my leadership team, we spend about one-third of the time dis- cussing talent management systems with a great deal of emphasis on diversity," he said. "Within Newmont Mining, we have a program, the Business Resource Groups (BRG), where we bring together groups of employees and support them to develop solutions as far as improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We have 20 of those BRGs globally and 10 of them are associated with female diversity and inclusion. One of the most powerful things is that it's not a women's business resources group, but a women and allies resources group. It's very powerful to get men to participate in those groups." Olmsted recommended talking about the subject. "Much of the problem re- volves around unintentional bias and the way to break that down is through conver- sation," Olmsted said. "Walking the talk. It's easy to talk about it, but you must follow through with actions as far as find - ing and providing opportunities. The men in the organization need to be educated about the value and the benefit of addi- tional diversity and inclusion." By providing opportunities, such as stretch projects and identifying high-en- ergy individuals, a company can set them up for success, Olmsted explained. "This is important for female professional develop- COMPANY PROFILE-PAID ADVERTISEMENT GIW Is More Than Just a Slurry Pump Manufacturer At GIW Industries, Inc. we don't just manufacture pumps, we deliver slurry transport solutions to your industry every day. That's because everything we do revolves around supporting you. When you choose GIW, you gain a partner that will assist you through the entire life cycle of your slurry equipment. Your Success Is Our Priority Since 1892, GIW has collaborated with customers to solve some of their most complex slurry transport problems. After a pump is designed, tested and installed, we ensure your entire process is running at optimal performance. Our success is defined by your success. We are dedicated to making your job easier, safer and more efficient with innovative product features. Our focus on system analytic technologies and new wear programs allow us to anticipate problems in the field before they occur. This means you can spend more time running your business and less time wor- rying about equipment malfunctions. Service and Repair Support When You Need It Most At GIW our commitment to service is more than a promise, it's a tool you can count on every day to keep your equip- ment up and running. That's why we offer service and repair support that extends the life of your rotating equipment—even if it's from another manufacturer. Choosing GIW Service Centers increases your efficiency and reduces overall down-time. You can count on GIW to provide personal assistance when and where you need it—either on the job site or at one of our service centers strategi- cally located throughout North America. Discover what your business can do when dedicated support revolves around you. Enter a World that Revolves Around You

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