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WOMEN IN MINING JUNE 2018 • E&MJ 85 ment and it benefits the organization long term," Olmsted said. "It creates diverse management teams and showcases the successes for everyone to see, not just their areas, but across the entire organization." Public recognition is very important. "Communications are key — good, bad and ugly — and the more we talk about it openly, the more we improve as an orga- nization," Olmsted said. Adding to these points, Day talked about heightened awareness and under- standing, saying that key performance indicators and other metrics are instru- mental from a tangible approach. "If the research numbers are correct, there is a large imbalance and there are things we can do, but men need to lead the charge." Finding That Sponsor Summing up the situation, Boyt said ex- ecutives are looking for potential candi- dates whose career arcs are still arcing. "The other highly prized trait is a strong brand, which is what people are saying about you when you are not in the room," Boyt said. "Brands vary considerably and that's OK as long as it's strong." Boyt shard a scenario when a manager pulled her aside and told her that she just did not work well under pressure. She was shocked. That was her brand at the time and, as a production planner, that was not good. But, given that feedback, she was able to improve her behavior. "Think about how you interact with oth- ers when people ask: How you are doing?" Boyt said. "If your answer is 'Oh man, I'm really swamped,' then that's your brand." Boyt suggested asking trusted individuals to give an opinion on your brand, and "if you get that valuable feedback, make the adjustments to improve your brand." Executives have a limited number of possible sponsorships and they are look- ing for individuals with drive and ambi - tion. "They want to know you are hungry and you want to go for it," Boyt said. "If they are going to commit the time, they are going to pick a winner. So, they will look at people who raise their hands and deliver. Even if a project gets off track, they will consider how the project was managed after it went off the rails. Did you get it back on track?" They also demand loyalty to them and the organization. Politics happen within any organization and other executives, their peers, are sponsoring people, too. To develop a sponsor relationship, Boyt recommends striking up a conversation with a mentor. "Let them know that you know some of their achievements," Boyt said. "Discuss your projects and goals and ask if you can check back in with them from time to time." The conversation will evolve over time. Almost all sponsorships begin as mentoring programs. Boyt also suggested a self-assessment as far as where you stand with brand, loyalty, coachability and results. "Keep a success file," Boyt said. "When you get the recognition, save those emails some- where. When you achieve that milestone, note it. The next time you meet with your potential sponsor, manage upward and share those recent accomplishments." At GIW we don't just manufacture pumps, we deliver total slurry system solutions to your industry everyday. That's because everything we do revolves around supporting you. We are dedicated to making your job easier, safer and more efficient. Our analytic technologies allow us to anticipate problems in the field before they occur so you have less down time. When you partner with GIW we'll support you long into the future just as we have done for our customers since 1892. See what a world of difference partnering with GIW can do for you. Technological Innovations That Revolve Around You GIW Industries, Inc. (A KSB Company) ·

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