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JUNE 2018 • E&MJ 93 OPERATING STRATEGIES more than 30%, returning hundreds of additional operating hours each year. Sierra Gorda began using Wenco Fuel Dispatch in December 2015. By auto- mating its fueling, the mine increased its average fi ll volumes from 3,400 liters to 3,900 liters per fuel session, allowing each truck to stay in production an aver- age of 1.92 hours longer before needing to refuel. By automatically dispatching units to available fuel locations, fueling queue times at Sierra Gorda shrank by 10%. The system's capability allowed Sierra Gorda to shift its full-time fueling dispatcher to other duties, conserving approximately 2,000 person-hours in its fi rst year. Ultimately, said Wenco, the study shows that use of its automated fuel dispatching system has the potential to extract signifi cant value from the stan- dard haul truck fueling process. Meanwhile, Dixon Valve & Coupling, a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of hose fi ttings and accessories, introduced a new Overfi ll Prevention System that pro- tects against the risk of overfi lling during automated or unattended tank fi lling. The system, according to Dixon, uti- lizes dry disconnect fi ttings that prevent leaks and are more secure, making it sig- nifi cantly more spill-resistant compared with other system designs. The new Dixon system relies on level sensing in the tank to control the fl ow of the liquid. Additionally, the system is engineered with a single point of connection for both the fl uid fl ow and the electrical connec- tion. Visual confi rmation of system integ- rity at the point of fl uid connection allows for immediate user feedback in the case of any system faults. Design features include a 3-in. dry disconnect coupler and adaptor that eliminates spillage when connecting and disconnecting during fl uid transfers. A single-point, push-and-turn connection is supported by LED controls that signal the system status to users. The controller automatically shuts off the pump or closes the valve when the tank is full. This fail-safe feature prevents fl uid fl ow once the tank is full, and also protects against fl uid fl ow if there is any fault detected in the system. The system can be integrated with fl oat switches and ADS probes, and can be provided as intrinsically safe for haz- ardous environments. If you need high open area to hit your production targets, we have more modular options than anyone else. Choose from polyurethane, rubber or our Metaldex TM welded wire product line. Combined with our industry-leading service, support and performance guarantee, that's why Polydeck is Your Trusted Screening Resource. Is Open Area the Key . . . . . . to Your Screening Performance? 1790 Dewberry Rd., Spartanburg, SC 29307 Phone: 1 (864) 579-4594 / Fax: 1 (864) 579-4173 70 OPTIONS > 45% OPEN AREA Dixon Valve's Overfi ll Prevention System is designed to protect against overfi lling during automated or unattended tank fi lling.

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