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E Q U I P M E N T G A L L E RY increase water flow and pressure, and units can be equipped with a two-way valve to provide manual control over water flow. The intrinsically safe DB-R is intended for elevated mounting, and requires no electrical power or compressed air. iPad Case for Hazardous and Underground Environments Western Australia-based SEE Forge has developed and certified an intrinsically safe, rugged iPad case for underground mining, engineered and certified for Class 1 Division 2 and ATEX Zone 2. The intrinsically safe iPad case, according to the company, is designed to resist shock, vibration, dust and water, while allowing users diameter, all models can be customized with DCT's Variable Particle Sizing technology, allowing customers to specify non-standard droplet size ranges to match specific materials. The number and size of the atomizing nozzles vary by model, from 18 to as many as 85 on the largest ring, the DBR 100. Water flows range from 3.25 gpm (12.3 l/min) to 52.95 gpm (200 l/min). An optional booster pump can also be added to to connect by Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G cellular service. The rubber, 3.3-lb (1.5-kg) case is certified only for use with iPad 4 models. Ultra-fines Recovery System Deister Machine Co. offers its new UltraFines Recovery System (UFR), which is designed to recover ultra-fine sands and silts in quarry applications, or to recover tailings in various mining applications, allowing operations to eliminate or greatly reduce the use of maintenance-intensive settling ponds. As a more cost-efficient alternative to the use of plate filter presses, for example, the Deister Ultra-Fines Recovery System enables producers to create a dry tailing or silt product, which can be stockpiled prior to removal, or used as a saleable product. The Deister UFR System is capable of recoveries to 350-400 mesh, and at feed capacities from 1,500-3,500 gpm (5,70013,250 l/min). It utilizes a radial distribution manifold for even distribution of solids to all cyclones. The reverse-slope vibrating screen is available in sizes up to 7-ft wide and 12ft long, with solids capacities up to 70 tph. Other features include: • UFR System Cyclones available with a variety of liner and body materials. COMPANY PROFILE- PAID ADVERTISEMENT Intec Video Systems, Inc. Intec Video Systems, Inc. was founded in 1970 as a manufacturer of industrial closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras. In 1978 Intec introduced Car Vision, an advancement of the CCTV technology to provide an extra margin of safety to operators of large vehicles by eliminating blind spots. Intec now provides a product line of more than 30 cameras and monitors, in black & white and color. The pioneer in rear vision, Intec has remained on the cutting edge of innovation by constantly developing and improving our safety camera systems using the latest in electronics technology. We are experts on the safety issues that surround miners on a day-to-day basis. We understand that hard work and safety is a partnership that generates efficiency and profit. That's why we have deliberately set out to be the manufacturers of the highest quality video safety systems. With rugged, heavy duty cameras and polyurethane cables with Mil Spec connectors, mining professionals who invest in our safety equipment won't be bogged down by camera failures or broken connections. Our camera systems allow total visibility in any blind spot that may occur around your vehicles. Some of our more popular cameras for the mining industry in particular are the CVC470HXL and the CVC500AHXL. Both of these cameras have passed harsh environmental testing and use heavy-duty XL cables. Options include different lenses to tackle different angles and situations, and a protective shutter for the most extreme of environments. With an Intec system, you will experience less accidents, less downtime, and more profit. Your workers will be safer with our more durable, dependable system. Your company will continue to prosper under the watchful gaze of a dependable, well established leader in blind spot safety cameras. Experience the Intec advantage today! (949) 859-3800 162 E&MJ • JUNE 2013

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